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Cihan Baltepe    Archaeologist & Futurist

The importance of food captured my attention while I was researching past societies’ decision making processes. I have been working on this topic since then.

I have studied and/or conducted research at numerous universities: Anatolian University, University College London, Maison Méditerranéenne des Sciences de l'Homme and University of Groningen. I conducted my research at Istanbul University on the topic of “The Prehistory of Food and Related Decision Making Processes”.

As an archaeologist, I have worked at some of the oldest settlements known to humankind (e.g. Asıklı, Boncuklu). How time is perceived among various cultures and sentient beings interests me. My curiosity about time has brought me to the Futurists Association. I am proudly continuing my work among great people. I have worked as an art director and/or a consultant for award winning short films and documentaries. As a guest lecturer, I taught in  various universities about "Future(s) of Food" and "Future(s) of Life". I am also a founding board member for an NGO that focuses on entrepreneurship in Turkey and Eastern Europe.

In order to create solutions for climate crisis and the killing of billions of sentient beings, I founded the plant-based meat technology company, EatVappy, in 2017. EatVappy focuses on using more efficient ways of food processing and currently one of the leading start-up in Turkey in this topic. In 2023, I founded a lentil based cheese brand called: Veynir. Another remarkable challenge we are facing is the issue of plastic waste. I am working with Stay With Me. We create workshops, public hearings, and brings awareness to the need to look at how we create, use and dispose of plastic. We have been fortunate to work in tandem with political bodies such as the European Union.

I have had the opportunity to learn from great people in science as well as good mentors in business. I view life and work as a complete whole, a timeline of beauty that is continuously changing. I want to be a contributing piece in this gigantic puzzle and do what I can to aid in the development of creating a better world for all.

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